Vertimax Training

Next Level Training Academy is the premier destination for athletes seeking to improve their speed, agility and jumping abilities in Augusta, GA. With a team of experienced coaches who are Vertimax Certified, athletes are in the best hands in the area!

Vertimax training is a highly effective and innovative method of athletic training that is becoming increasingly popular amongst athletes at all levels. The Vertimax machine consists of a specialized rubber resistance band system that is attached to a wide range of exercises, such as plyometrics, sprinting, and jump training. This unique training tool helps athletes to develop more explosive power, speed, and agility, so they can perform better in their chosen sport.

One of the main benefits of Vertimax training is that it enhances athletes’ ability to jump higher, run faster, and perform explosive movements with less resistance. This makes it an excellent tool for helping athletes to improve their overall performance and maximize their potential. Furthermore, it can also help to reduce the chances of common sports injuries, such as ACL tears and other foot injuries. By adding Vertimax training to their regular workout regime, athletes can gain a competitive advantage and prepare themselves for success at all levels of competition.

Overall, Vertimax training is a highly effective and unique method of athletic training that is changing the way athletes approach their workouts. It provides athletes with the tools necessary to improve their explosiveness, speed, and agility, so they can perform better on the field or court. Whether you are an elite athlete or just starting out, Vertimax training is an essential tool that will help you to reach your full potential and unlock your performance and at Next Level Training Academy you’re sure to get the best Vertimax training in the CSRA!